Ski Tuning Tips

Ever wonder how you could save money skiing. With a little knowledge and experience you can save money by learning to tune your own skis. One problem that I see with many people is that they neglect their skis. Your skis should be properly cared for after every time you ski. A properly tuned pair of skis can improve your skiing ability and performance.

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This Page was last updated on August 20, 1996.


Now this has been a very generic lesson. Different types of skiers require different amounts of tuning. Try to ask someone like a coach or a ski tuner what would be best for you. It is always easiest to watch someone first before you try yourself. This can help prevent screw ups. Just use this as a guide to help you on your way.


The same pricples of tuning apply as in the basic tuning except you get a bit more fancy. Experiment with different things. With experience you will have a much faster and better turning ski.

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