Wall Street Journal Article Published Tomorrow

The article in the Wall Street Journal about backmasking that I was interviewed for is going to be published tomorrow. I’m pretty excited to see it. I had my photo taken by Bob Cooney (he’s in charge of media relations at the University of Lethbridge) and he is pretty excited for me. He wants to do a story for the Legend (the official University paper), and figures that the Lethbridge Herald and the Medicine Hat news will each also want to do stories.

He described getting into the Wall Street Journal as being like the Oscars of getting into the news. He was also pretty excited to be getting a photo credit for the photo he was taking. It will be interesting to monitor the stats on my site tomorrow and see if there is a big influx of visitors.

From the teaser exerpt of the article (it’s already online):

Playing songs backwards — a popular pastime from the days of turntables — went out of fashion when CDs arrived. But now it’s enjoying a new cult following thanks to Web sites and software that do the trick.

In case you have no idea what I’m talking about, check out my backmasking page.

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