53 Replies to “Backmasking in Lady Gaga’s Paparazzi”

  1. as far as i know, the star is a devil sign, that is why it is said that the star above his following me, it simply say the devil is following me.

  2. if lady gaga is a victim of illuminati then we, Little Monsters will help her. But i really don’t believe this, maybe some part of me wants to see all this because I am inerested by illuminati and its effect on people and their behavior. There is no hard evidence that she is and there may never be but that doesn’t mean its fake, it may be real. Who knows? But think about it, its hard enough to write a hit song without having to try making it reverse. But this sort of publicity is what Gaga needs, the fame, the poularity, maybe this is what it is, a popularity stunt and maybe not, we all know what gaga is like and does she really need this to drag attention? The outfits and amazing videos are enough, like I say we may never know but then again, I don’t have a time machine, do you?

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