Adventures in Photoshop and Shopping at Cosco

Yesterday I took some digital pictures of Anna-Maria for her application to the National Theatre School in Montreal. The best ones were taken outside and then I photoshoped them so that they had a completely white background. She had some taken in one of those two dollar photo machines at the mall, but they were way overexposed and basically useless. Anyway when I got to Cosco to have them developed — well I had saved a bunch of them on CD but there was only one that I really wanted and it was the only one that I saved in .tif format. As you might be guessing Cosco doesn’t develop tifs, jpegs only. I was somewhat frustrated but what can you do? Anna went out this morning and had them developed; they look great.

I took Anna’s roommate Zee along with me in case they asked why the name on the Cosco Club Card said Anna-Maria so that she could say, “Oh that’s me”. And when it came time to pay she did in fact pull through and say, “yep, I’m Anna”. Even though the picture of Anna on the back of the card is half worn out, Zee still looks nothing like her. Almost immediately after claiming to be Anna, Zee started talking with me about Anna’s play and if we should go see that movie The Ring, “Anna and her sisters really liked it!” I couldn’t believe her and I’m sure the guy thought we were quite the imposters / losers but he didn’t say anything.

Anna’s Play and Roommate News

I went and saw Anna’s play last night. There were some really strange parts and some really cool parts. The pig-troll orgy scene wasn’t as bad as I had imagined from Anna’s description but it’s not exactly a Disney show either.

Jackie emailed me a picture of the house she is staying at. I’ll shrink it down tonight and post it.

I have no milk. It’s not what you think. No, my roommate didn’t drink it all without asking. Instead he just took some of it (without asking) and left the rest out to go bad. I have to say that although leaving my milk out to go bad is rude, it’s probably my own fault for allowing a 17 year old to move in to my house. What was I thinking?

Peer Gynt

Anna’s play opens tonight. Read about the details. Although that’s obviously not Anna-Maria in the picture, she will be playing a pig troll (among other characters), which means that one of her costumes will look like that one in the picture.

Water Safety Can Be Boring

Well I am in the middle of my WSI program and I’m quite bored with it. WSI stands for Water Safety Instructor. When I’m done I’ll be able to teach people (mostly kids) how to swim. I may be able to get a job out of the deal though. One of the other students in the class works at the Ramada and said they might need another lifeguard. He told me that he will take my resume down there for me tomorrow. I’ll be happy if I get the job.

Anna’s play opens on Tuesday. They are practicing like MAD!

Xbox Party Summary

The Xbox party is over. It was the first time we hooked up 4 Xbox’s but although we had the equipment we only had enough players to fill 12 spots. That means that next time I’ll have to invite more people to play. Xbox is great.

XBox Party and Roommate Woes

Tonight my post to the blog is going to be short and simple. I’m getting ready for an Xbox party and it’s going to be sweet. I just talked to Geoff Vaz and they are going to be here soon.

One other thing, my roommate has been eating my food. That pisses me off. For one thing — if you are going to steal some bread from someone at least have the courtesy to close the bag afterwards so as to not dry out all the bread. When I confronted him about some missing dried fruit snacks (like fruit roll-ups but real fruit) he just said that, “Yeah I ate a few of them” (I only had 6), “I just saw them there and was hungry so I ate them.” (He just saw them in the cupboard where I keep my food and where he does NOT keep his food). He said he’s going shopping soon and that he’d buy me some more, that doesn’t seem to make up for the fact that I’d like to go eat a sandwich right now but I’m out of bread. He also drinks my milk but I guess I’m supposed to be thankful that at least he asked before taking a box of my macaroni the other day. Don’t even get me started on the pile of dishes in the sink.

Anna-Maria’s Vicarious Post

Anna-Maria writes:

Hello all! Boy, have I ever been busy lately. I am registered in six classes and I am in two plays- both of which go up on Tuesday. However don’t feel too bad for me, there is one class I don’t even go. I just show up for the tests. Hey! Like the one I had today! I should probably feel ashamed or something for not going to class, but I don’t. I feel proud. I’ve never felt so proud of myself. There’s not much that compares to the feeling of doing well on a test, for a class that you only went to twice all year. On quite a different note, do you all remember my weight issues? (What can I do? I’m socially conditioned to believe that I could always use to lose an extra ten pounds. I learned about that from the textbook for the class I never go to.) Well in the play I’m in called Peer Gynt, I have to wear a boustier- a belly shirt boustier! That’s right ladies and gents, it’s also sleeveless. On top of that I have to wear tiny (very tiny) white spandex shorts with a see through skirt over top. I’m freakin out. You have to admit that that would make anyone feel a little self-conscious. Anyway, I’ve gotta get going. I will write again soon. Let me know what you think about the outfit. Jeff will fill you in on what I did for the role on top of skimpy clothes.

I haven’t seen Anna’s play so I don’t know exactly what she is going to be doing except that it is somewhat sexual in nature. (I believe something to do with a pig troll rutting on stage). All I can say is you wouldn’t catch me in such a compromising roll. On a side note, Anna had her eyebrows waxed in preparation for the show.

I just saw one of my professors walking down the hall and thought that now would be a good time to comment on his strange choice of names: Anonymous William Smith. I just call him Wil. I guess one day he decided that he would “spice things up” by changing or eliminating his middle name and then adding Anonymous as his first name. That’s the name he uses for all his art and whatnot. I thought I would have more to say about that, but I guess I don’t. I’ll just let you think about it.

In other news I qualified for Junior Nationals for swimming. The times are faster than Canada West but slower than the CI’s. I don’t think I’m going to go though, because none of the other teammates that qualified are going – and it is $250, not to mention it’s over reading week – which I’ll need to use to catch up on my homework.

What?! Maybe I Slur My Words a Little But….

Yesterday I was telling Anna-Maria that I talked to a guy on the phone about coming to see the room. I said I thought he had a bit of a lisp on the phone and then she said that I might — to some people, sound that way too. WHAT? She explained that I had an ever so slight bit of a lisp. Needless to say I’m confused about this — if I have a lisp how come nobody ever pointed it out to me before. So I’m forced to ask myself, do I really have a slight lisp?

Last night I visited with Anna and some of her friends while they had breaks in between ques for rehearsal. There are some strange characters in that play and when I say characters I mean actors. Anyway afterwards Anna-Maria and I drove one of the girls home and I asked her if she thought I had a lisp. My worst fears were confirmed when she hesitated. Damn-it I knew it. I have a lisp. Although she said that if there were such a thing as a radar for speech anomalies mine wouldn’t even make a blip.

Jeff Milner Movie Review – The Borne Identity

Anna-Maria and I rented the Borne Identity last week. Anna was fairly critical of it, but I thought it was a great show. Ironically I thought it looked dumb to begin with meanwhile it was Anna-Maria who wanted to rent it. Anyway The Borne Identity DVD is now a week over due at Video Update and I’m thinking maybe tonight would be a good day to return it.

I’ve now uploading the short clip I blogged about last time where you can clearly see my basketball dunking skills.

Update: I’ve moved hosts and haven’t uploaded my video to the new server.