John Brewitt Milner was born 27 Jan. 1830 in Gringley,
Nottingham, England, the son of John Milner and Ann Johnson.
John Milner was a shoemaker from Mattersey, Nottingham, who
was christened 8 Jan. 1802. Three children were born to
John and Ann. The first, about 1826 was a little daughter
who died in infancy. The second born about 1828, a son
named George who died as a young man. The third, John
Brewitt, was born following the death of his father John,
9 Sept. 1829.

John Brewitt was raised by his mother Ann Johnson
Milner with love and understanding. She cared for all his
needs as she saw fit and necessary. She was his tutor at
first, and later provided other tutors. He responded well
and enjoyed reading. He said of himself that he could not
remember the time when he couldn't read.

He has written, "At the age of ten years I had read the
Bible through from: the first to the last page completely
three times. I attended a Methodist Sunday School from the
time I was five years until twelve years old. At the age
of thirteen, I heard a Latter-day Saint Elder preach and I
knew that his words were true and in accord with the scrip-
true. I became fully convinced of the truth of Mormonism
and a year later I was baptized into the Church of Jesus
Christ of Latter-Day Saints." His baptism occurred on
4 Feb. 1844, and one year later his mother accepted the
gospel and was baptised 4 Feb. 1845. They both continued
to be active in their new found faith and looked forward
to the time when it would be advisable to go from their home
in England to the new land and be among the people and the
leaders in Salt Lake City. Now as far as financial matters
were, Ann probably had sufficient funds to make the journey,
and true to her training she prepared ahead of time for
such a voyage and in the meantime kept her house in order.

Her son also wrote: "At sixteen I was ordained to the
Aaronic Priesthood and soon thereafter I was appointed to
accompany the Branch President in his visits to the neigh-
boring villages to preach the gospel.


Deseret Evening News, October 17, 1912, p. 8

Active for many years in civic and religious affairs in Utah County,
Provo, Oct. 17 - John B. Milner, 82 years old, for many years a prom-
inent lawyer and active in civic and religious affairs in Utah County,
died at the family residence here this morning, at 10 o'clock, of in-
firmities incident to old age.

Mr. Milner was born in England and came to Utah in 1850, coming dir-
ect to Provo, were he has made his home ever since. He was said to
be the oldest member of the Bar Association in Utah. He was teacher
of the first public school ever held in Provo, in the Third ward, and
all his life was interested in educational affairs. He acted as
secretary to President Brigham Young when the president came to Provo
and was always ready for any service that might be required at his
hands. At one time Mr. Milner was collector of internal revenue and
served for a number of terms in the city council of Provo. He had
been city attorney, county attorney, county surveyor, justice of the
peace, and had been a member for one term of the territorial legisla-
ture. While George Q. Cannon was delegate to Congress from Utah, Mr.
Milner was in Washington and sometimes acted in a clerical capacity
for Mr. Cannon.

He is survived by three sons, three daughters and numerous grandchild-
ren. Funeral arrangements have not yet been made.


News Oct. 21, 1912, p. 9

Provo, Oct. 21 - A large assembly of relatives and friends gathered at
the tabernacle yesterday at the funeral services of Judge John B. Milner.
The Utah County Bar Association attended in a body. Bishop O.H. Berg of
the First Ward presided. A biographical sketch of the deceased was read
by H. F. Thomas. The speakers were Judge H. F. Thomas, Judge S. R. Thur-
man, Elder A. J. Evans of Lehi, President Joseph B. Keeler, Elder David
John and Bishop Berg. All the speakers testified to the useful life and
valuable public services of the departed, his ability as an attorney and
in other lines of work, his eloquence as a public speaker, his integ-
rity and love of truth and justice, and his faith in the gospel, which
he had embraced as a boy.

Vocal selections were rendered by the Tabernacle Choir.
The opening prayer was offered by Elder John S. Boyer, and
the benediction by Elder S.S. Jones.
The pallbearers were Albert Jones, W.K. Spafford, Joseph
S. Berry, James A. Oliver, A.J. Southwick and Roy Passey.

The following committee of the Utah Bar Association were
appointed by Judge J.E. Booth Saturday to draft resolu-
tions of respect to Judge John B. Milner: J.W.N. Wite-
cotton, George J. Packer, A.L. Booth.

From Winter Quarters and across the plains John Milner
made the acquaintance of Esther Elizabeth Yardley Thurman,
a young widow and her small son Thomas Edward Thurman.
She emigrated to Utah in 1852. After living in Salt Lake
for a year, she moved to Provo, where she married John B.
Milner in 1854 in Salt Lake City, Utah. (March)

Their children were:

John Brewitt Milner married 2nd. Catherine Steiner,
1 Apr. 1870, in Salt Lake City. She was born 5 Feb. 188 (error)
in Bern, Switzerland, daughter of Johan Steiner and
Maria Ysenschmied. Their son Heber Joseph Steiner was born
6 Aug. 1871 in Provo.

He married 3rd, Margaret Penbroke 20 Oct. 1875 in Salt
Lake City. She was the daughter of James Earl Pembroke
and Sarah Day. No issue.

He married Ann Smith 9 Feb. 1888 in Logan, Cache, Utah.
She was born 11 Apr. 1846 in Keithley, Yorkshire, England,
daughter of Samuel Smith and Hannah Roper.

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