What?! Maybe I Slur My Words a Little But….

Yesterday I was telling Anna-Maria that I talked to a guy on the phone about coming to see the room. I said I thought he had a bit of a lisp on the phone and then she said that I might — to some people, sound that way too. WHAT? She explained that I had an ever so slight bit of a lisp. Needless to say I’m confused about this — if I have a lisp how come nobody ever pointed it out to me before. So I’m forced to ask myself, do I really have a slight lisp?

Last night I visited with Anna and some of her friends while they had breaks in between ques for rehearsal. There are some strange characters in that play and when I say characters I mean actors. Anyway afterwards Anna-Maria and I drove one of the girls home and I asked her if she thought I had a lisp. My worst fears were confirmed when she hesitated. Damn-it I knew it. I have a lisp. Although she said that if there were such a thing as a radar for speech anomalies mine wouldn’t even make a blip.

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