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Jon Stewart Returns to TDS

Last night Jon Stewart returned as temporary Monday host of The Daily Show. After creative differences with the executives at Apple Tv+ concerning Stewart’s material ending the show before its third season, the polically minded comedian has returned to Comedy Central to host once a week leading up to the election.

Here’s his first episode back:

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Casey’s Sisyphean Task

For the past couple years I’ve been trying to get my best time swimming a kilometre under 16:00. I’m still not there and obviously it’s not quite the same level as Casey’s three-hour marathon dream but the video definitely resonates in so many ways:

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Three Seconds Everyday 2023

Last year when I published my One Second Everyday video, I got a lot of positive responses.

My dad and my father-in-law both said it was nice but added that it would be better if each day were a bit longer than a second. I thought these poor guys and their old-fashioned ideals about how long cuts should be… but nevertheless I decided to humour them and tried re-rendering just one month from last year as a three second per day video. To my dismay, I discovered that they are totally right, the video is much better with longer cuts. So this year, using the One Second Everyday app, I have created a “three-second everyday” video. Please enjoy:

And I also did the classic one second version:

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Kelly Clarkson Plays the Backward Song Game

This video isn’t backmasking, per se, but backward songs nevertheless… watch as Kelly Clarkson competes with Jimmy Fallon to be the first to identify each of the backward pop songs:

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Classic Advertisements

My kids each got a package of those store bought Rice Krispies Treats in the goody bag of a recent birthday party. Ian immediately devoured his but Nesslin hid hers away for safe keeping.

This morning Ian discovered her stash and ate it too which, ultimately, led to Andrea whipping up a fresh batch of homemade Rice Krispies treats. I knew it was a fast an easy recipe but even I was surprised at how quickly they came out. It reminded me of the old Rice Krispies ad where the mom is taking a break in the kitchen pretending that she is slaving away. It didn’t take me long to find it on YouTube.

This particular YouTuber, who goes by the handle Internet Lurker, has an enormous collection of old ads so I went down the rabbit hole. Here are a few that caught my attention:

Have you ever wondered why it was named, “Mac”?

In 1979, an Apple employee named Jef Raskin began working on an experimental appliance-like computer project within Apple. In a 2003 interview with ACM’s Ubiquity journal, Raskin described the origins of what he named the project: “I called it ‘Macintosh’ because the McIntosh is my favorite kind of apple to eat. And I figured that if I was going to have an apple I might as well have a tasty one.”

See also these other Tab cola commercials.

Is that Helen Hunt? Yes, it is. Also, if that kitchen looks familiar it’s because after the show was cancelled the set was used for all 7 seasons of The Golden Girls.

I always liked the actor Harry Anderson. When I was a kid I wasn’t allowed to watch Night Court because of the salacious content but I loved him in Dave’s World. I also quite liked Dave Barry. 1

You’re not allowed to show kids in that kind of headgear these days. Also, thank goodness for iPads… am I right?

I REALLY wanted one of these when I was kid. Despite my own kids already having gone through several, I’ve still never had my own remote control car.

Duncan Hines used to push these brownies HARD. This commercial was on all the time.

When Top Gun was in theatres, Diet Pepsi was on TV.

When he sings about her never having been this far before, where do you think they are going?

  1. It made my day the time Dave Barry linked to my website[]
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Anna-Maria Adventures

A drone photographer captured the wild moment when a shark charged into a giant school of stingrays off the coast of Florida.

Although there appears to be thousands of them, the shark went away hungry.


One Second Everyday 2022

I’ve been making One Second Everyday compilations for ten years now. It’s so hard to believe because when I started I just thought it would take a year and be done. It turns out, it’s a Sisyphean task but I get such a positive response each year that I don’t mind. Below is the one I just wrapped up for 2022.

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The Follower

Using open source cameras and AI, Dries Depoorter created a website that creates clips of the exact moment instagram photos were taken.

From Dries’ site:

How does this work?

  1. Recorded a selection of open cameras for weeks.
  2. Scraped all Instagram photos tagged with the locations of the open cameras.
  3. Software compares the Instagram with the recorded footage.

It makes me wonder what the world will be like as AI begins to enable more and more of these types of projects. It’s exciting and terrifying.

(via Six Colors)


Drinking a 159 Year Old Bottle of Wine

Consuming this extremely old bottle comes with some risks. Will it be pleasure or poison?



One Second Everyday 2021

Having a three year old and a two year old brings its share of ups and downs but the ups are super fun. We didn’t travel a whole lot however we found fun things to do here in Lethbridge and on the occasional trip to see the grandparents.

Here’s a look at one second of each of my days during 2021.