Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I’d like to do an interview with you for ________. How can I get in touch?

A. The easiest way is probably email:

Q. What sound editing program do you use, where can I get it, and how much does it cost?

A. I now use Adobe Audition for my sound editing needs. However, the open source software Audacity is still a great option if you don’t have an ongoing subscription to the Adobe Suite. You can get it at for free. (22 February 2020)

Q. When will you be adding new songs to your backmasking page?

A. I added a clip from Michael Jackson’s “Beat It” to my backmasking page on July 21, 2009. I also put up the occasional backmasking clip on my blog (check the Backmasking category). At this time I have no plans to update the page more, but that may change.

Q. Did you doctor or edit the Stairway to Heaven and other sound files in any way?

A. The only editing I did to the files was reversing them. What you hear is exactly what the songs sound like backwards. (July 2005)

Q. Will you send me the reverse songs?

A. I usually don’t send the files out, except under very rare circumstances. If you are doing a homework assignment and want to use the reverse music, I recommend making the reverse files yourself. If you are a professor and you are doing a presentation, then I’m more likely to send you the files but you might also be interested in this. I’m too busy to send specific files to random people all the time. (July 2005)

Q. What do you think about backmasking? Is there some evil force, like Satan, that helped create them?

A. I believe that for the most part the backwards messages you hear are coincidental. Most people can’t even hear the “message” until they click on the show reverse lyrics button. The exception to this would be examples like Pink Floyd’s Empty Spaces where the recording had a section originally flipped before it was released. (July 2005)

Q. Where can I see a list of all the backmasking references on your website?

A. Try the backmasking category to start. Searching for specifics in the search bar at the top may also lead to some good results. (2 November 2005):

Q. Where can I find information on Vista Fonts?

A. Here.

Q. Some pages are coming up error 404 and others are missing comments. What happened to your site?

A. On April 22nd, 2009 my host had “a catastrophic hard drive failure”. I lost about 6 years worth of posts. However, I’ve been slowly reconstructing the site as best as I can via Google Cache and Google Reader (it turns out Google Reader saves EVERYTHING!).

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