Jay-Z and his Unconscious Influence

I came across a video clip of a preacher speaking out against the Hip Hop artist Jay-Z. Proponents of the evils of backmasking, like this preacher, argue that the effects of listening to music with backward messages are manifested in an unconscious manner on the listener’s subsequent behaviour. He states that: the heavy metal folks […]

Map Gallery of Religion in the United States

Religion continues to appear widespread in the United States, judging from this interesting and well-put-together map gallery of religion that uses information from 2000. It gives a really good impression of where different denominations and religions are popular. The two thumbnails above are adherents (left) and church bodies (right). (via Digg)

Subliminal Messages in “On The Way Home”

I’ve always possessed a fascination with optical illusions, subliminal messages, the unconscious mind, and cognitive psychology in general. I think that’s why I found the idea of messages in music when played backwards so fascinating. Back in 1998 I went on a mission for the LDS church. I was serving in the most unlikely place of […]

Evolution Vs. Intelligent Design Redux

I discovered another pummelling essay destroying Intelligent Design. This one is good because it not only lays out the “evolution” of the Intelligent Design camp, but also explains the science behind evolution in a way that any astute reader would be able to understand. It’s nice and thorough with about six long but fascinating pages […]

My Story

Sitting at home, I’ve had a lot of time to contemplate what I’ve been through in my life. How I’ve come to the place where I’m at now, where I’m going and what happened to make me feel like my future is sliding out from under me. It’s a frustrating feeling; it made me think […]