Roommate News

My roommate came home last night. This is Scott, my first roommate – the one that rarely shows his face. He’s the best roommate ever. Anyway he came home sometime around 4:00 in the morning. He’s not exactly sure when – I guess he may have been a little intoxicated. I didn’t even realize he was here until I got up to go swimming. After swimming I came home and he told me that last night he got into a huge bar fight with 4 other guys. Apparently one of them hit his girlfriend, and he retaliated – well three other guys got into the fight and as Scott relates the story, he tells me that he kicked all four of their asses. I guess they never realized he is a bouncer and is some kind of Karate black belt. He didn’t look bad at all as far as cuts or bruises go, but he was really sort of mad about the fact that they ripped his favorite shirt.

Room Mate News Part Duex

Jason is gone to Calgary. He is having his girlfriend look after the rabbit!!? Speaking of the rabbit it was beginning to really STINK! For some reason I wasn’t sure if it was the rabbit or Jason, so I didn’t say anything. Luckily for me Anna-Maria mentioned to him that it was time for him to clean out the cage. He asked, “Does it really smell?” When Anna confirmed that yes she could smell it right when she walked in the door he just responded that, “I must be immune to it”. You wouldn’t believe how much better my house smells now.

Tepee Prize

I forgot to mention that when I was in Medicine Hat and I was pulling out of the driveway I heard on the radio that they were giving out free film as a prize. What you had to do was find the lady in the Taco Time cruiser and viola – you win! I thought well that would be nice but I’ll never win anything like that, but then she said I’m in Southridge at the Tepee. Things couldn’t have worked out much better for me, so I drove right over there and won a free 24 roll of film and two tickets to the play, “Noises Off”. I haven’t decided if I’m actually going to take Anna-Maria yet (it’s showing in Medicine Hat this weekend and next weekend only) because I don’t know how much I want to be driving that road. (As you will see what I mean soon).

Swimming in the Hat

There is a swim meet in Medicine Hat on the 14th and 15th. I really should enter it but that will mean going to Medicine Hat two weekends in a row. I’m sure Mom and Dad will be so happy. The other reason that I sort of don’t want to enter this meet is because I’ll have to pay the $30 entry fee, not to mention I’m kind of out of shape from not practicing much lately. I better bite the bullet and just go.

Anna-Maria’s Audition in Calgary

Anna-Maria is auditioning for York University on Monday in Calgary. I don’t think I’ll go because that will mean skipping more swim practices and missing my music 1000 class. She is pretty excited and a little stressed out about it. I’m confident that she will do great. She has to read two monologues and sing for them. Probably the worst part for her, if this is actually true, is that she heard that the auditions are done with everyone that is auditioning watching all the others preform. She thinks that’s quite mean of them… and is specifically concerned about how she will feel if someone else preforms the same monologue or song as her. I told her, just do it better than them. I have such good advice don’t I?

Dinner at the New Spring Family Restaurant

Last night Anna-Maria, her friend Lynley and I went to the Theatre Xtra play called, “The Transfiguration of Benno Blimpie”. It was a serious play about a fat kid who is picked on and has a less than wonderful family life. Ah, I don’t think I’d recommend seeing this one because frankly it’s pretty depressing. Anyway before the show, we went for Chinese food (which incidentally reminds me what I’m going to have for lunch). We ran into Tracie’s grandma, grandpa, and cousins. They told me to say hi to Gary and Tracie, so “Hi guys”. That, my blog reading friends, about wraps up this very long post.

environment meta

Blog Rating Update and Weird Weather

Somehow the people at missed my site as one of the top 100 blogs. I’m certain they’ll be picking me up one of these days now.

Whether it be a conference on whether the astronomers of the world should alert us in case of an extinction level catastrophe or a freak snowstorm in Israel, something makes me wonder — is it the end of the world or are we just bored?


Handbasket Update

I’ve been working on getting an American Visa for the past 4 years now. They finally sent me a letter telling me that they are now ready to begin processing my request – (Read “we wasted 4 years of your life now only another 4 years to go!”) So anyway this last letter that they sent me said that they would like to continue processing my request but can only do so after they make sure they have my correct address. Need I state the obvious? How would I be able to sign the paper if they didn’t have my address? Oh well I’m sure they are just headed down the road paved with good intentions much like the rest of us.


Adventures in Medicine Hat

Things in Medicine Hat are going great. I came home, had a huge plate of mediocre Chinese food. I fixed the computers, and my mother is so happy. I guess I’ll head back to Lethbridge tomorrow. Medicine Hat is snowy. It’s so snowy that I almost missed it and kept driving right on through. Good thing for the World’s Tallest Tepee, or I might never have arrived.


Vacation Update

I am back from my trip to Calgary. I was supposed to go to Medicine Hat, but I’m putting it off until tomorrow. I went and saw About Schmidt (trailer) with Anna and her sisters. It is definitely a movie made for the pre-MTV generation. Possibly the worst part was seeing Kathy Bates’ naked body — what a shock.

Gary and Tracie gave me a couple of vhs tapes that I’ll have to watch sooner or later. Raising Arizona and Born in East LA.

I didn’t go to Medicine Hat on Wednesday like I had originally planned. I didn’t feel like it today either, so because Anna-Maria and my parents are all sad that I didn’t come to Medicine Hat yesterday or today, I’d better get some sleep so I can get there in the morning.



Today I planned this big Xbox party for my house, but as luck would have it – I have no friends. Not even the superficial type that only like me because I throw Xbox parties. Maybe it’s because I have a lisp. I was even going to have treats too. Actually no, it’s not the lisp, it’s not because I don’t have any friends, and it’s certainly not because my treats suck. Everyone is just busy with being on vacation during reading week, or working for Quest (Bryce). So anyway maybe another night.

Watersliding and Surfing in the Faux Ocean

Tonight I did get together with Bryce Shutte and his wife, oh and Zee came along too. We went to the Ramada for some sweet waterpark action. Steve, my friend that works there, is going to hook me up with a job there (hopefully). I’m actually pretty excited because being out of work and being a poor student SUCKS. The Ramada is a pretty fun place to visit, but I think it must be a law that the amount of chlorine in a hotel pool has to be at least 10 times more potent than you would find at say a city owned pool. Also for some reason the water was extremely cold. I asked Steve if they had a maintenance person to take care of that, and he said that she didn’t seem to know how to work the heating machinery. Zee commented that if “she” (the maintenance person) was actually a “he”, then maybe the water would be warm. All Steve could say was, “You said it, not me.”

So to recap, watersliding is fun – cold water is not. The waves were a might bit small and the hot tub was a mite bit crowded. Can you say 32 people is just one too many?

I’m going to Calgary Tomorrow

I am going to visit Anna-Maria and her family at the hotel where they are staying. Hopefully I’ll be able to find it. I may give my brother Gary and his wife Tracie a call but it sounds like they already have plans.


Peer Gynt Cast Party and WSI Course Completed

Last night Anna-Maria persuaded me to reluctantly come with her to her cast party for Peer Gynt. Although I was really tired when we finally left at 2:30am I am glad we went. It was a fun time, and I’m beginning to know a lot of the Drama students now.

I haven’t officially passed the class yet. I still have to do 10 hours of co-teaching lessons and then I pass. I must say that I’m pretty happy to be done with it though, today was my last day of classes at the pool.


The Power of Procrastination

I think that if more people were aware of the power of procrastination to get things done it would be much more popular. For example, a couple of weeks ago I had a Water Safety Instructor homework assignment, but instead of doing it I procrastinated and as a result, got my laundry done, the dishes done, the house clean, and worked on some of my other homework that wouldn’t be due for days. Just goes to show if I hadn’t been procrastinating I wouldn’t have gotten any of it done.

Anna is leaving for the duration of reading week to go down to the States with her family. I’m not really sure what I’m going to do, but I guess I’ll have plenty of time to clean the house while procrastinating my homework.

Since pointless flash pages seem to generate a lot of traffic (for some sites) here is my Stairway to Heaven Link. Hopefully you find it helpful, or at least interesting.


Roommate News and Valentines Day Suckage

Today I talked to Jason, my 17 year-old roommate, about the food stealing situation. He said, “I guess you’re probably getting sick of me eating all your food.” and also added, “It’s just that I’ve been meaning to go down to the food bank but I haven’t gotten around to it.” It made me feel kind of bad when he has no food and I don’t want to share but at the same time – it is my food; this is not a room and board place. To make matters worse, I overheard him on the phone tonight and he said that he’s been fired from his job at Little Caesar’s. I guess that’s going to make paying the rent next month that much harder. Hopefully he is smart enough to go apply for employment insurance.

Today started off as a great Valentines Day. Anna and I went out for lunch at East Side Mario’s and I must say it was great as always. I didn’t get her any real present though and now she is sad. I STILL don’t know what to get her, so I’ll run out to the store and find something she will like. Valentines Day sort of sucks, why can’t we all just be valentines all the time?


Happy Valentines Day! (No School Today)

For Valentines Day Anna-Maria bought me a book called, “If… (Questions for the Game of Life)”. It has “IF” questions in it to make you ponder what you would do if certain situations were possible or had to happen what would you do. Here are a couple of example questions from the book, “If you could spend one whole night alone with anyone in history, whom would you chose? If you could suddenly possess an extraordinary talent in one of the arts, which would you like it to be? If you could commit one crime without being caught, what crime would you commit? If your plane were about to crash and you had time to write one quick note, to whom would you write, and what would you say? If you could run any single company, institution, or organization in the world, which would you choose?

My reading week vacation starts today. I’ll have lots of time to play around on and Fark. I think perhaps we should have a photoshop contest on our own blog. What do you other bloggers think?