Andy’s Evidence is in

As disappointing as this is, I still don’t know whether or not Andy is back. Pictures posted from the Bunny Ranch seem to indicate that Tony Clifton, not Andy Kaufman showed up last night.

Andy Kaufman’s new blog claims however that he was there and that he is the real deal. Yahoo news has stated that they believe him, but who can believe anything Yahoo posts — after being fooled by Andrew Carlssin the time-traveler I won’t trust them anymore. Not that I believed he was a time-traveler but I at least thought the story about someone claiming to be from the future was true. I never noticed the part about the Weekly World News covering the story.

Anyway Google News about Andy is coming in fast, and though I wanted so badly to be right, it looks like he’s really gone.


Andy Kaufman Just Emailed Me!

I don’t believe this. Someone with the email address “Andy Kaufman” ( just emailed me the following this morning at 9:10AM with the subject “i’m back”:

Greetings from planet earth.

Just thought I’d let you know that I’m back.

I’m broadcasting my pirate signal from:

Take care,


On the blog the writer claims he has proof he is Andy and that he is going to make a public appearance at the Bunny Ranch tomorrow night between 8pm and midnight.


Andy Returns?

Checking out the Andy Kaufman website I read a message that says, “Andy Returns!!

After 20-years Andy Kaufman has a message for all:



What does it mean? Is he back? Is he going to show up at 8:00pm tonight at the House of Blues in Los Angeles?


Andy Kaufman – Dead or Alive?

Remember Jim Carrey in “Man on the Moon“? He played the character of performance artist / comedian Andy Kaufman. LA Weekly shares a brief history of Kaufman while simultaneously sparking life to the idea (as portrayed in the film) that Andy might return from the dead. He died on May 16th, 1984 but he had mentioned the idea of faking his own death and returning 20 years later. One week from today marks the 20th anniversary of his “death”, and some people believe he might actually show up that night at the House of Blues show. Whether or not he shows up is anyone’s guess but either way, I have a feeling we’re going to be hearing more about this.