Sam the Bellhop

I’ve only ever seen Bill Malone perform "Sam the Bellhop", so I’m inclined to think it’s his signature trick. Even if it’s not, it certainly is amazing.

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According to Mark Evanier, "the ‘Sam the Bellhop’ routine was not invented by Bill Malone but by Frank Everhart, a magician-bartender who worked at the Ivanhoe restaurant-dinner theatre in Chicago back in the late fifties. Mr. Everhart apparently did it with just a stacked deck and Malone added in all the fancy sleight of hand and false cuts that make it into a truly dazzling effect."

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The Amazing Colour Changing Card Trick

As a former magician myself, I don’t believe in telling how the trick is done, but in this particular case the spoiler doesn’t just reveal how it’s done but is the actual trick.

Watch carefully.

[Colour Changing Card Trick – YouTube]