Addicted to Oil

Good Magazine produced this politically charged, entertaining, and interesting youtube video about the state of the world, our demands for oil, and the dramatic increases to the cost of living in a world thirsty for energy.

If we’re addicted to oil, our twelve-step program should begin with admitting that we have a problem. As the price of oil creeps higher, finding new energy sources is more important than ever. But the search for alternatives, combined with environmental disruptions, is putting new pressures on other essentials like food. There are some things that are going well in the world. Right now, the economy is not one of them.

[Oil Addiction – YouTube]

Art Music

Back to the Future Theme Song Sung

Andrew Goldenberg (IMDB) has been creating a series of movie theme song music parody homages. After you check out this one from Back to the Future be sure not to miss the Batman one and if it interests you, LA Met Blogs has an interview.

[Back to the Future Theme Song – YouTube]



Download MOV versions of iTunes Music Videos

I never tried this myself and honestly I don’t have a lot interest in trying it out but some of you may find it deliciously wonderful: How to download high quality Quicktime .MOV versions of iTunes Music Videos.