Hotmail Sucks

I hate Hotmail. I hate it with a passion. I wish I had never signed up for their crappy, albeit free, service. I just tried to click on a link from a hotmail message to join a blog, but hotmail keeps it’s little frame on and that messed up the scripts on the page I was trying to load and in the end I am just very frustrated with hotmail. I’m pretty happy that I now have my own domain and my own new email address, so I can finally say goodbye to hotmail once and for all.

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I used to like outlook express but they too are so hard to set up that trying to find the right format is beyond stupid. And yes they ruined it beyond repair I used to be able to set up your Hotmail threw it OUTLOOK but since all the upgrades it’s just not worth the headache and as far as–> Hotmail they do not allow you to block .com they say you can but it does not work i closed my Hotmail account after warning them if i got one more meds pills spam from the same site they do not allow me to block that has like a million Hotmail accounts and are probably all stolen and flood me with like two a day. Yea sometimes five than i would close it and i did. They do not protect their people period…

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