My First New Media Faculty Meeting

Today I went to my first New Media Faculty meeting. It was pretty long but nevertheless I think I’m glad I get to go. They did spend an overly long time discussing really boring things like what to do about the situation of how to hand students back their papers at the end of the year because the teachers don’t have much time at the end of the year and the faculty secretary is too busy. Actually I was stumped too, because if the teachers were refusing to let students pick them up at their offices and the students couldn’t just pick them up from a pile somewhere because someone needed to be there to verify identity for F.O.I.P reasons, then what really could they do? The Faculty is also thinking about bringing some keynote speaker from Ontario. I can’t remember his name but he’s the guy that wears a camera on his glasses and is convinced of the future of remote conferencing / technology to solve all our problems. Anyway they are going to pay to have him speak at the University — but here’s the catch, he’s going to web cast it. Yep — they are paying him to do the speech at the University but from wherever it is he works / lives in Ontario. All in all, I’m sure it will be interesting and at least the guy practices what he preaches.

Update: The keynote speaker was Steve Mann. It was interesting for the first half hour and then some serious boredom overtook us and we slipped out early.

I read Dad’s email tonight. It definitely was from Dad. Here it is:

Be sure to check the attachment photo to see a picture of the latest pie I made. It had mackintosh apples in it and it was sure good. The feeling it gave when you were eating it was what I imagine would be similar to the feeling you get when you snort cocaine. If the food and drug administration knew about it they would have come and tried to confiscate it. They would have had to be right there though because we ate it pretty much at one sitting.

Oh one other thing. I asked a complete stranger to use the video camera I borrowed from the library to tape me dunking the basketball. I’ll download the video footage tomorrow and get a semi-permanent link to it.

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