Roommate News and Valentines Day Suckage

Today I talked to Jason, my 17 year-old roommate, about the food stealing situation. He said, “I guess you’re probably getting sick of me eating all your food.” and also added, “It’s just that I’ve been meaning to go down to the food bank but I haven’t gotten around to it.” It made me feel kind of bad when he has no food and I don’t want to share but at the same time – it is my food; this is not a room and board place. To make matters worse, I overheard him on the phone tonight and he said that he’s been fired from his job at Little Caesar’s. I guess that’s going to make paying the rent next month that much harder. Hopefully he is smart enough to go apply for employment insurance.

Today started off as a great Valentines Day. Anna and I went out for lunch at East Side Mario’s and I must say it was great as always. I didn’t get her any real present though and now she is sad. I STILL don’t know what to get her, so I’ll run out to the store and find something she will like. Valentines Day sort of sucks, why can’t we all just be valentines all the time?

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