Today I planned this big Xbox party for my house, but as luck would have it – I have no friends. Not even the superficial type that only like me because I throw Xbox parties. Maybe it’s because I have a lisp. I was even going to have treats too. Actually no, it’s not the lisp, it’s not because I don’t have any friends, and it’s certainly not because my treats suck. Everyone is just busy with being on vacation during reading week, or working for Quest (Bryce). So anyway maybe another night.

Watersliding and Surfing in the Faux Ocean

Tonight I did get together with Bryce Shutte and his wife, oh and Zee came along too. We went to the Ramada for some sweet waterpark action. Steve, my friend that works there, is going to hook me up with a job there (hopefully). I’m actually pretty excited because being out of work and being a poor student SUCKS. The Ramada is a pretty fun place to visit, but I think it must be a law that the amount of chlorine in a hotel pool has to be at least 10 times more potent than you would find at say a city owned pool. Also for some reason the water was extremely cold. I asked Steve if they had a maintenance person to take care of that, and he said that she didn’t seem to know how to work the heating machinery. Zee commented that if “she” (the maintenance person) was actually a “he”, then maybe the water would be warm. All Steve could say was, “You said it, not me.”

So to recap, watersliding is fun – cold water is not. The waves were a might bit small and the hot tub was a mite bit crowded. Can you say 32 people is just one too many?

I’m going to Calgary Tomorrow

I am going to visit Anna-Maria and her family at the hotel where they are staying. Hopefully I’ll be able to find it. I may give my brother Gary and his wife Tracie a call but it sounds like they already have plans.

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