Inheritance Update

Mom, Dad, Wally, and Helga are back in Alberta. They stopped by tonight on their way to Raymond. It doesn’t sound like there is going to be much of an inheritance. Also of interest – apparently the house was in a real sorry state. It was like one of those weirdo houses that you hear about on the news where they have to wear gas masks to go inside because it stinks so bad. Dad lost his lunch – twice! He almost threw up a third time from the stench, but mom told him to just get out and stay out. The State already had an auction arranged but they didn’t stick around for it because they had no room to take anything home anyway and they didn’t want to be there in the event that good stuff was being sold really cheaply. They’d rather not know I guess. There were a couple vehicles and maybe a couple thousand for those but that’s probably optimistic. If anyone buys the house it will be for the lot, the building itself needs to be razed. More details when I get them.

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