Dad’s in Town

Apparently Dad is in Lethbridge tonight. I saw a note on my table that said he stopped by, too bad I missed him. I was having dinner with Anna-Maria and her roommate. Anna’s Mom gave her a huge laundry basket full of food to take home with her, and we were hitting it hard tonight. We had some really good roast beef and instant potatoes. I tried a brustle sprout and I must say I should have gone with my instincts. Brussle sprouts are bad. That’s why on TV sitcoms nobody likes them. They are bad. But the meal was good and I wish I had more of it instead of being stuck here at the school waiting for my video to render. Also I need to be looking up some music for the background and I’ll likely find something off of If you have any other good sites for music give me a shout out.

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