My Birthday

For my birthday present, Anna-Maria bought me a new wet-suit. I’m going to use it if I get a job at the pool teaching lessens and of course for Kayaking this summer. I’m already really excited to go kayaking with it. I wish this snow and cold weather would go away! Speaking of snow, the other day it snowed quite a bit and it’s one of the first times that I didn’t get around to shovelling the snow that day. Well the next day it was really warm and the snow turned into a thick slippery sheet of ice all the way up my walk. As luck would have it, that evening Anna-Maria came over to my house and while walking up the steps she slipped and bashed her shin! (cue scary music now – dun dun dah!!) She’s ok folks, no worries, just a small bruise and perhaps some injured pride.

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