Recipe Update

Anna-Maria and I are going to make a new recipe either tonight or on Sunday night. This one is Vegetable Curry. I think most of these recipes are vegetarian. Anyway this one will be the best one yet and I’ll post pictures if I remember to take some.

Roommate Update

I talked to my roommate about the food situation. (I.e. the situation where he’s been eating my food without my permission.) He said he was sorry and knew that he’d been eating a lot of it and said that it was because he lost his job but now he has a new job and would like to pay me back between $30 and $50 for the food he’s eaten. I had no idea how much food he’d eaten so I said whatever he thought would be fair and so he said he would pay me $40. I guess that seems pretty fair, but like I said I have no idea how much of my stuff he’s eaten. Hopefully he will now stop eating my food.

Mom’s Email

Apparently mom hasn’t been able to read her email for the last week or so because she lost her inbox. How do you lose your inbox? She says that she opens Eudora, it checks and downloads new mail, but then nothing. There is no inbox available to read new messages from. I think maybe she needs to change into a higher resolution to see if it’s just hidden somewhere off her screen. I’ll either have to get a copy of PC Anywhere or go home because as often as she has problems on her computer it would be easier for me to just look at her screen and fix it then to try to figure out what’s wrong by her description.


The New Media Department is helping fund a guest speaker tomorrow. The thing is, he’s not actually coming to the University (I think I may have already posted about this guy). Anyway he’s being Webcasted from his office / home? in Ontario. They are marketing him as the world’s first cyborg. I’ll post my review tomorrow.

University of Lethbridge Enrollment

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I signed up for another semester here at the University of Lethbridge. They are Drama 1000, Music and Computers, New Media 3520, 3420, and 3030. It looks like Anna-Maria has decided that she is moving to Toronto whether or not she is going to go to school there this fall. I’m pretty sad about this and while I have considered moving there, it just seems pretty overwhelming considering the house, and the money to move, and if my courses will transfer and if I can even find a place to go to University that will let me in with the Major that I have in mind. I hope she just decides to stay.

Motion Capture Equipment Lecture / Experience

I signed up for this one day Motion Capture class that is taking place tomorrow. From what I understand the University has the equipment necessary to track a person’s movements and place them on a computer generated person. Similar to, or perhaps even the exact same way they captured the movements for Gollum in The Lord of the Rings. Hopefully I’ll get some interesting material that I can post to the Blog.

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