Jeff Milner Update


I accidentally let the insurance on my car lapse so its been sitting in the garage for the last couple of weeks. I finally got it reinstated but not until I had gone to quite a lot of trouble. I highly recommend that if you move and have insurance from a company in your old city, that you find a new local place because frankly its just not worth the hassle. During the time that I was without my car I relied on Anna to drive me around and when she couldn’t then I was left riding Anna’s bike. (I’m so pathetic I don’t even own a bike). Last Thursday Anna was in Calgary for an audition and so I rode her bike over to the University. I somewhat lost track of time finishing some old assignments that were long overdue and when it was time to come home it was really dark out. I discovered a path that is actually a substantial shortcut from the road but it was REALLY dark. I rode down the hill pretty slowly – not wanting to die and all – and then thought of a really good idea. I would use my little key chain “phaser” light that Jackie gave to me to light the way. Well no sooner than I turned on the light that I saw a weasel zip across the path in front of me. How many weasels do you think had whisked across my path before the light was on? Anyway after all the biking I decided that even with Anna’s gel seat, her bicycle is still not very comfortable to ride for a long time.

Anna’s Sisters

When Anna returned on Friday night she brought along two of her sisters and their little dog. Lana went home yesterday but Pam will be visiting for the next three or so days. During the time that Anna has been spending with her sisters and I guess before she got back I’ve been doing so work around the house. I finally got that old lawn mower working and I also cleaned out the gutters and watered the grass. It turns out that the sprinkler that was left with the house actually doesn’t really work. It just shoots water straight up instead of swivelling back and forth. I’m about to go out and buy a new one.


When I got home the other day I was in for a good surprise. My roommate got a new job at Robin’s Donuts and left three-dozen donuts sitting on the table with a note that I could help myself. This pleases me. :)

Jeff Milner Movie Review – The Phone Booth

Anna, her sisters, and I, took in The Phone Booth (Official Site / Preview) on the weekend. First off I have to admit that this movie did keep my attention the whole way through, but it really lacked in any kind of scene change or progression. The tension peaks early on and then holds until the end of the movie. Frankly nothing really happens – at least nothing unpredictable. Actually the most unpredictable part was that the police were so slow to arrive on the scene (if you’ve ever been to Times Square then you know how many police officers there are everywhere) and how poorly they reacted to the situation. It’s like the writers haven’t ever watched Real TV or even Cops and just have no idea how the police service actually works. Anyway I don’t regret seeing it but if I ever see it again – it will be too soon.


I’m a little embarrassed to admit this, but I missed my Music 1011 final. How did that happen? It’s a combination of factors really. I have been attending Music 1011 at 11:00am on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. I had special permission since I am registered in the 3 o’clock class. Well the 11 o’clock class is supposed to have their test on the 24th but my 3 o’clock class had their test last week and well I got mixed up on which day for which class and if I was supposed to attend the test for the class I was registered or the class that I attended. Anyway I could be in some serious trouble if I am not able to take it on the 24th but I’m just hoping things will work out for me. They usually do.

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