U.S. says Canada [not enough like Nazi Germany for their tastes]

It is reported in a story, that comments were made in an annual report on International Terrorism criticizing the Canadian Government for not “spend[ing] enough on policing” and “plac[ing] too much emphasis on civil liberties.” I guess they would prefer us to get rid of the very few laws we have protecting our citizens just as they have destroyed some of the laws that I thought were so dear to the heart of every American with the creation of the Patriot Act. (The Critical Voice Article) I guess my Social 30 teacher was at least partially right stating that Canada’s government could be turned into a dictatorship under the right circumstances, but it turns out that it’s the United States Government that has turned authoritarian.

Update: The links have been taken down. It’s funny how I can keep posts on my blog for a few years, but news agencies feel they need to get rid of old content. Funny strange, not funny – haha.

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