Jeff Milner Movie Review – Holes

Last night Mom, Dad, Anna-Maria, her sisters, and I all took in the new Disney Movie, Holes (Official Site / trailer). I didn’t love the Matrix, but I loved Holes. Let me tell you why Holes is such a great movie. First of all let me give a little background. Based on the enormously popular novel by Louis Sachar, Holes illustrates the misfortune of Stanley Yelnats IV (Shia LaBeouf) after he is sent to Camp Greenlake, a juvenille detention camp, basically because of some bad luck. It also explains the history of misfortune befallen upon the Yelnats’ family after a curse was put on Stanley Yelnats the first when he didn’t live up to a promise made to a certain European fortuneteller. This movie seems to have everything including family fortunes, family curses, a turn-of-the-century interracial romance, train robbers, buried treasure, ghosts, onions, peaches, sneakers and Texas Yellow Spotted Lizards, – then ties them all into the resolution. Despite being a movie filled with “holes”, this movie is funny and touching and more logical than you’d think possible. I recommend it even if you aren’t taking your girlfriend’s younger sisters with you.

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