Party On Dude

Questions (and answers) about the party this weekend:

Q. Are you doing anything fun like kayaking or anything?
A. We don’t have any plans yet but kayaking sounds fun.

Q. What is your work schedule for Friday and Saturday?
A. I am scheduled for work both days but I will try and get Saturday off.

Q. Who is bringing the BBQ?
A. I asked Gary if he was bringing a BBQ and he said, “How could I bring a barbeque? Mom and Dad will have to.” Then I said, “You guys said you had a small one you could bring,” to which Gary replied, “I don’t remember that because we don’t have a small one.”

Q. What can we do instead of a BBQ?
A. We could just go to a park and have a campfire.

Q. If we had a campfire what would we eat?
A. Mom could make hobo dinners and we could have smores.

Q. How early can everyone make it to the party?
A. Well I have to work until 9:30 or so, Jackie may still be in Lethbridge and Gary and Tracie will get here at around 10:00pm at the earliest and maybe a little later. I still don’t know what time Mom and Dad will arrive but I assume with Dad playing the violin that night that it won’t be until late also.

Q. Do you know when the Milner family reunion starts?
A. That’s unrelated to party business but it starts on Friday 28 June 2003 at approximately 5:00pm. You are just supposed to arrive at Kimball Park anytime after 5:00, set up camp, and then the activities start the next morning with breakfast.

Q. Do you like your new job?
A. THAT’S NOT PARTY BUSINESS! Okay, I’ll humour you. I do like my new job. It is okay but it certainly doesn’t pay $40 an hour. In fact that’s my only complaint really – $8 / hour just isn’t enough.

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