Blink 182 was Right: "Work Sucks I Know"

I had another 3 to 10.5 shift today. Yes 10.5 not 10:30, at least not according to the work schedule. On an unrelated note to “how much working for someone else blows”, I will share the following story as it has unfolded so far. Interesting conclusion pending actual events.

It was one of my first days on the job. Anna-Maria and I were both working and one of the other workers – I’ll call him Chris – asks what is my relation to Anna. He was wondering if we were dating. Thinking that it would be inappropriate to be dating a co-worker I said we were “friends”. Well, from that point on I created a monster. Not for me personally, but poor poor Anna. This boy asks her out almost every shift. The other night it was for coffee and well, coffee again tonight. But anyway Anna has been begging me to please set the story straight so that he will stop hitting on her. Frankly I must admit <evil whisper> I do find it hilarious </evil whisper>. Maybe I’ll talk to him about it tomorrow. Maybe.

Oh and P.S. about how to properly explain you are not interested in a phone survey. All you have to do is wait for the person giving the survey to stop talking and say, “I’m sorry I’m not interested.” If you are not sorry, then “Not interested” also works nicely. Rudely slamming the phone down, giving the phone to your sister as a prank and having her hangup in disgust or saying “can you hold on” and then after leaving the person on hold for 2 to 3 minutes and then hanging up are all improper methods. Thanks.

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