Jeff Milner Movie Review – The Italian Job

The Italian Job is one of those movies that I see the preview and I think no way Jose. But it was at the Movie Mill and hence not the regular gouge you get at the other theatre so Anna-Maria and I went.

The movie, while not by any means plausible, at least didn’t ooze fake-ness, which in my opinion is a common downfall for action movies. I really liked the settings that they chose for this film and with the all-star cast, I couldn’t help but like this film. The computer hacker that can take over the world from his laptop and explosive that seem to cut through buildings with laser like accuracy aside, I enjoyed the action in this film and it’s “Ocean’s 11” style theme of bad guys outwitting badder guys. The settings were great with a boat chase in Venice, some beautiful Italian mountain shots and of course my favourite, the Hollywood and Highland finale.

If you were just on location two weeks before then of course that is going to make any movie more interesting. So I recommend if you can find The Italian Job playing in the cheap theatres, go see it, and if not – then it’s worth the rental price.

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