The Party at Gary and Tracie’s

It turns out I don’t have to work on the 23rd at all and although I was scheduled for the 24th it looks like I’ll be able to trade with someone and have the weekend completely off. So plan for me to be coming on Saturday, August 23rd. Until then I have my own house to look after.

Speaking of looking after my house, I have been letting Anna and her room mate stay here this last week. Zee has a cat that doesn’t realize what the purpose of screens are and has ruined at least two of my screens so far. Zee says she’ll pay for them which is nice, but it’s just giving me a bit of stress. The cat got locked out last night and then jumped up into the house through the bathroom window. I woke up after what seemed like hours of the sound of cat pawing away at my door. I got up and thought who locked the cat in the bathroom, well when I let him out I saw the ripped open screen blowing in the wind. GRRRR. Well that’s it for my story and I’m wanted on the phone. Take care and keep blogging.

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