Japanese Tenant

The roommate – another one that didn’t even really live here (he moved in halfway through July then he was in Japan for half of August) has decided to go back to Japan. Of course he wants to stay for 8 days in September. I told him that I would only charge him for half a month. I try not to feel bad for being a nice guy. I mean he has hardly even been here and making him pay an entire month for 8 days isn’t really the fair thing to do. I suppose being fair won’t make me rich but at least I’ll be able to sleep at night (or maybe I won’t with all the stress of paying the bills).

He is selling his Jeep Grand Cherokee. It’s runs in 4×4 mode all the time. It has a powerful V8 engine and shiny dark green paint. He even installed an MP3 CD player. Buying it would mean no more worries about my Cavalier and it would give me the opportunity to go kayaking in style – whenever I wanted. I haven’t really been able to go kayaking at all this year because I don’t have a way to get my kayaks to the river.

It seems like buying it is a great idea, except of course for the fact that I don’t really have any money to buy it. He’s selling it so cheaply compared to what it is worth that I feel like I need to buy it. He needs to sell it by September 8th (12 days) or else he’ll have to “give it away” to the dealer. I’m sure the dealer won’t give him anything near what it’s worth. How will I get the money to pay for it? Also I think he is closing his bank account, so I think that means he’ll want the money in cold hard cash. Probably won’t find a dealer willing to pay cash. Maybe I’ll be able to talk him down more if I use bills as a bargaining tool.

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