Jeff Milner Video Game Review: Pirates + Xbox = Fun

A long, long, time ago Gary purchased a game for our Laser Computer (Apple II Compatible) called Pirates. It never did work on that computer. Well yesterday Anna’s sisters got a game for their Xbox called Pirates of the Caribbean (Official Site) and boy is it ever cool. I mean for a single player game, boy is it ever cool. In a lot of ways it takes me back to the way gaming used to be played. It reminds me of Dragon Warrior in that you go around talking to people and completing different tasks. It also reminds me of Taipan (another classic from our Apple II gaming days). I wonder if it’s possible to exploit the loan shark high interest trick in that game? In conclusion, I must admit that while I’ve only played it for a little bit and I don’t really know all about the game, from what I did see I liked it.

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