Uncle Vanya, The Swimmeet, and Jack Skellington

Friday night Anna and I went to Uncle Vanya. It is a play at the University; required watching for Drama 1000 students like myself. I would like to say it was great, however, to be honest I struggled to even stay awake. I was supposed to attend a pot-luck swim party that evening so I really missed out.

The swim meet was good. I swam my 100 free in just under a minute. Nicola, a girl from my Drama class, told me she was going to come and watch me swim. I didn’t think she would really come so I didn’t think much of it. To my surprise, come Saturday morning, there she was. It started to dawn on me that this girl had a crush on me. It also started to dawn on me that I hadn’t really explained that I had a girlfriend sitting just down the stands also there to watch me swim.

I had to go stretch. I shared out the times that I would be swimming and they said they would come back later. I wasn’t sure they really would return.

I swam the 50 free in 25.35. I didn’t beat my personal best time (pb25.13) but nevertheless it does qualify me for Canada West and the rest of the swimmers were quite surprised. I guess they never realized I have a pretty fast 50. Anyway in my disappointed state I talked to Anna for a moment and then cut her off when I started talking to Andy. I felt pretty disappointed and just hit the showers. Apparently Nicola was up on the stands again. I never even realized she was there. She saw me talking with Anna and approached her. I assume she began to realize who Anna was. Nicola asked her how she knew me.

I had told Anna about Nicola, how I suspected she might have a bit of a crush on me. Anna is the type of girl that is so worried about others that she momentarily contemplated not telling her.

“I’m his girlfriend,” she replied.

And that settled it. Anna and Nicola made small talk or whatever afterwards. Nicola was curious about how I did so Anna explained that my time was good but that I was disappointed with it. That is pretty much how it went and now I can’t help but feel a bit guilty. I don’t know though – what else could have I done? Telling her up front that I had a girlfriend would have been somewhat presumptuous of me. I guess things just sorted themselves out as they usually do.

This morning I watched The Nightmare Before Christmas. I’ve wanted to see it for quite awhile and I really enjoyed it. Mostly I appreciated the tremendous amount of time and effort that went into such a creation. It is truly a masterpiece.

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