U of L IT Security Hole

I found a bug in IT’s security this morning. I’m no security expert bit I’m pretty sure it’s a fairly serious one. The school computers have screen savers that advertise things going on at the university. They create the screen shots in Macromedia flash and therein lies the problem. Anyone – whether they are a student or not could come up to the screen and right click the flash screen savers. A small popup menu appears. They could then click on the menu item called “About Macromedia Flash 6” and an Internet Explorer browser window pops up. From there they can access any web page or more importantly the hard drives of the computer they are working on. Now that I think about it, it’s likely not that big of an issue because probably there aren’t any melicious hackers at the University just waiting to strike but then again that’s if there’s anything to be learned from TV, it’s that there are hundreds of people just waiting to get a shot at “the man”.

I might tell someone in IT.

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