David Cronenberg on Alias

Via Amy’s Robot Blog:

David Cronenberg was on Alias last night, playing a neuroscientist with an experimental method for recovering lost memories through the use of drugs and lucid dreaming. The episode itself is almost an homage to Cronenberg’s ideas and visual style…as Sidney undergoes DC’s process, the show turns into one of the more visually and conceptually cinematic bits of TV I’ve seen in a while, full of Cronenberg’s illogical logic, layered realities, and of course the requisite bit of Cronenberg’s nonsensical corniness. In any case, before the experiment gets started, DC’s character offers a nice little monologue about simulation, postmodernism, lucid dreaming, and fake bacon. Because [Amy is] nice people, [she] offers you this:
David Cronenberg on Alias talking about postmodernism and reality [mp3, 2.5 mins, 1.8 mb]

If you missed him this week, he’ll be on next week, too.

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