The Walmart Stampede

I didn’t want to write about the so called Walmart Stampede where Patty VanLester was apparently trampled by frenzied shoppers. I figured the story was a bit suspicious. Whether or not she was trampled isn’t as interesting to me as the coincidental fact that this is not the first time for something like this has happened to poor unfortunate Patty VanLester and her sister. They should have learned over the years not to shop at such dangerous and negligent stores.

Update: November 29th, 2005, I hate it when newslinks go stale. I’m sorry I never copied the articles and placed them here. Anyway from what I remember about the story (this happened in 2003) she was trampled when the doors opened and customers rushed inside to be the first to purchase items that were on sale for the first [so many] buyers. This same thing happened to her previously in another store where she fell, got trampled and sued.

I don’t know much about the newest Walmart Stampede other than what I saw on the news the other day. It didn’t look like anybody got seriously hurt, but I had to wonder if this new batch went down on purpose in the hope of a lawsuit.

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