Littertising, And Other Questionable Marketing Techniques

Why is it that some businesses think that leaving photocopied ads strewn around the University is a legitimate form of advertising? I was disgusted to find the hallways and emailing stations littered with advertisements for the Top Hat Strip Club reading, “Ladies Night – International Men”. The tattoo parlor located coincidentally right next door to Top Hat also had ads on the floor and windows of the University Hallway. It seems to me that the companies responsible for this “littertising” should be held responsible – even fined for littering. It’s not like we don’t know who is leaving the mess behind. They should at least have to come and pick it up.

Strip Clubs and tattoo Parlors are not the only guilty party. Vector Marketing has long been an enemy of common sense and decency – laying hundreds of thousands of business cards strewn down hallways and on chairs around the campas. This kind of unethical advertising should be stopped but how? Well I for one have decided to boycott their services. That’s right, just because of their shady marketing campain, I won’t be signing up to buy or sell knives from Vector Marketing – nor will I be chipping in for a new tattoo or going to see “International Men” at the Top Hat. Geez, can I possibly be anymore Activist?

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