Sorry This Isn’t Chris Rock’s Cell Number Anymore

What would it be like to have a cell phone number of someone famous? Someone famous like, Chris Rock. Which famous people would be making wrong numbers to get ahold of Chris? This is exactly what happened to Laura, as she explains on her site, “Laura’s NYC Tales”.

LAURA: [Curious, and ready to tackle the unknown] Hello?

CALLER: Is Chris there?

LAURA: [Inquires politely] Who’s calling?

CALLER: It’s Spike.

LAURA: [Mischievously inquisitive] From…?

CALLER: [Blurts out, in an annoyed tone] It’s Spike Lee.

LAURA: [Speechless, stunned, mouth frozen open. Guess wasn’t quite ready enough to “tackle the unknown.” Takes longer than usual to respond, and when does, does so very slowly] Uh… well… actually… you have the, uh… wrong number.

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