NASA to Announce Large New Space Object Exists in Our Solar System

Over 3 billion kilometers further away from the Sun than Pluto and 40 years away from Earth in a space shuttle exists Sedna. The article didn’t specify the exact time the discovery was made but NASA is expected to announce details during their news conference Monday. Named after the Inuit goddess of the sea, Sedna has a diameter almost 2000 km, which is the biggest find in the solar system since Pluto was discovered 74 years ago. It is believed to be made of ice and rock, and is slightly smaller than Pluto.

Since there is some conjecture whether Pluto is even big enough to be considered a planet, it seems that these large planet-like objects that orbit the sun should at least have some sort of official name rather than “Space Objects”. At this time I have no suggestions, but I’m just saying!

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