My Day at School with Professor Mathew Kabatoff

It was another incredible day at Production Management. Weird things happen in that class, its like entering the Twilight Zone. Anyway despite the tension and insanity, I think I at least learned a couple of important lessons.

  1. There is a time and a place for criticism directed at an instructor. This time and place is not in class even though in this case he specifically asked each student for their opinion. I don’t know why I didn’t just button up.
  2. Since I couldn’t keep my mouth shut, I wish I would have at least made a comment about something that mattered.
  3. Since I felt the dire need to speak up, and since I picked something that didn’t mean anything anyway, I could have at least bowed out a little more gracefully when he started to yell.

I did my best and realize my mistake. Well after everything is said and done I can at least say I learned something in Production Management today.

Update: It looks like my prof, Mathew Kabatoff, took the concerns I shared to heart. He updated his web page outline, and in doing so rectified my concerns. That seems so weird given his hostile reaction in class.

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