Jeff Milner Movie Review – Lost in Translation

Anna and I watched Lost in Translation (IMDB link) last night. I thought this movie gave a beautiful look at what it’s like trying to live in a culture that is unfamiliar and often times incomprehensible. I liked this movie particularly because it reminded of my brief experience when I visited Japan, although I think I had a much better time than either Bill Murray or Scarlett Johansson’s characters, then again I was only there for 10 days.

Bob Harris (Bill Murray) is an American movie star, whom, nearing the end of his career, has come to Japan to shoot Whiskey ads. Charlotte is the young wife of a hot new photographer who finds herself stuck in her Japanese hotel room as her husband works. Both of them struggle with the different culture and language barrier, however as they slowly get to know one another they find an unexpected friendship blossoms.

Marketed as a hilarious comedy, this movie is actually the bittersweet tale of two foreigners trying to find friendship in a land they can’t seem to meld with. Both characters go on a journey – it’s hard to explain exactly as this movie is better experienced than described.

It wasn’t just the fact that they were in Japan, I think they would have been upset wherever they were, they might not have recognized it however. Nothing around them is familiar. As a defense mechanism they revert inwards in an attempt to find peace and security but in doing so, they find is self-doubt and insecurity. Despite being at different points in their lives they find within each other a kind of soul-mate.

Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson both did a tremendous job and it seemed more like watching two people live their lives than actors reciting a script. I enjoyed “Lost in Translation”.

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