Windows has Security Flaws

You may have noticed your Windows operating system telling you it has updates today. This Techweb Article summarizes the revisions.

Microsoft took it on the security chin Tuesday as it released April’s round of security vulnerabilities. The total number of vulnerabilities in the four security bulletins tallied an astounding 20 separate flaws in Windows and Outlook Express.

“This is simply an unprecedented number of vulnerabilities,” said Vincent Gullotto, the vice president of Network Associates’ AVERT research team.

April’s mega collection includes 20 new vulnerabilities, 8 of which are rated as “Critical,” the most dire assessment in the Redmond, Wash.-based developer’s four-level ranking system. Sixteen of the 20 vulnerabilities can be exploited remotely, the most dangerous type of bug because hackers can conduct an attack over the Internet.

I’m in the process of updating right now.

Apparently so is everyone else.

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