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Yesterday I received the following email:


I found your e-mail address posted on a website complaining about I am e-mailing everyone who has been defrauded by them, because they need to be put out of business… and I need your help!

Please tell your story! Write it out once and copy and paste it into the forms if you need to. Yes, it does take a little bit of time – but think about it. If we can get them shut down, or if we can file a class action lawsuit against them, won’t it be worth it? If these agencies are inundated with e-mails from angry consumers all at once, they will realize what a serious problem one2host is and they will be more likely to act!

Legal Action:

The Internet Fraud Complain Center (U.S. F.B.I.):

International Internet Consumer Fraud Complaints:

Class Action Lawsuits:

Case Evaluations

All three ask for similar information. This is worth the small investment of your time!

I also urge you to contact your government representatives (i.e. members of Congress or Parliament). They can be surprisingly helpful!

I am sending this as a BCC, because I don’t want your mailbox to get jammed with letters. However, feel free to contact me with any questions or comments or further advice! Also, you are welcome to forward this letter to anyone else who has been victimized by one2host.

Together we can take them down, my friends! It’s worth a shot. =)


While I am still angry at the waste of money that One2host turned out to be, I do wonder whether what they did was illegal or just extremely poor service (something that is not against the law last time I checked). The hosting that I paid for was unreliable and their service department didn’t always get back to me, but a class action lawsuit? If what they did was illegal them I’m all for it, otherwise I just hope that I can tell as many people as possible that they are a REALLY poor option for web hosting.

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