So, Is He Famous or Not?

Reuters has an article about the blogger and supposedly “famous actor” who goes by the moniker Rance. They claim that research indicates Rance is nothing more than a wannabe who used to work at an ad firm in Los Angeles:

Meanwhile, a Defamer reader tried to unmask Rance by researching the term “Captain Hoof,” which appears in the Web address. She came to the conclusion that he was a San Francisco man who worked at an ad agency and once ran a Web site with a similar name — possibly dedicated to an imaginary horse.

The man, who no longer works for the agency, could not be contacted for this story.

While I have no clue who Rance actually is, I do enjoy reading his blog and will continue to do so – even if he’s not as famous as he claims to be.

Update: It appears Rance is a fake.

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