Pictures You Can’t Take Anymore – Or Can You?

Pictures like this one that my dad took of me in 1997 at the Brooklyn Bridge are no longer allowed to be taken according to an over-zealous police officer in New York.

From a PBase photo gallery:

Due to security concerns you cannot legally take any photos taken ON or near a Bridge without permission. My friends and I were taking photos of the sunset near the Verrizano Bridge in January 2004 when we were asked to show our ID to the cops and told not to take photos.

…The reason we have to get permission to take photos now is because of the distruction [sic] of the World Trade Center.

One reply on “Pictures You Can’t Take Anymore – Or Can You?”

Since thousands of people go across the Brooklin Bridge everyday it would be impossible to prevent a few pictures being taken. Potential sabatuers would be especially hard to detect considering how well camera's can be concealed now-a-days. The only picture takers that will be inconvienced will be the excited and enthusiastic tourists like you and me. Where are their brains? The guy that thought of this one is merely trying to promote himself. I find people disgusting who needlessly rob people of their freedom in order to protect their freedom.

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