"The paranoia," he said, "has gone a little too far."

In addition to photos of bridges being off-limits, you can add this tourist photo below, (taken by my Dad in 1997), to the type of images soon to be illegal if the NYC Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s proposed ban on taking pictures in the subway system is approved.

Apparently they are planning a general prohibition against photography and videotaping in any of the Big Apple’s subway systems as an anti-terrorism measure.

A group of about 100 photographers held a small protest recently taking pictures of each other taking pictures in the subway.

From the NYTimes:

There was a tense moment when the crowd decided it would photograph a transit police dispatch station at 14th Street. A startled officer came out and suggested that they leave.

“You didn’t say ‘Cheese!'” one of the cheekier photographers said.

One reply on “"The paranoia," he said, "has gone a little too far."”

I agree with what you've quoted above that these anti-terrorist measures are going way too far. What a cruel way to stop people from expressing their ARTwork (photography, that is!) They're sick with paranoia, really! On the other hand, you have a nice blog! Keep it up:D

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