Kayaking in the Windy City

After almost 11 months of no kayaking, Anna-Maria and I packed up the boats and headed out to Park Lake for some extreme kayaking fun. She had just purchased a new wet suit and was eager to try it out. What we didn’t realize, for some unknown reason, is that Lethbridge is perhaps the windiest place on the entire earth — well I’ve never been to Kansas during tornado season but this had to be close.

When we arrived at the lake the white caps from the waves did somewhat intimidate Anna, but I told her there’s nothing to worry about and we pressed on.

As it turns out there really was nothing to worry about. We kayaked across the lake, got wetter and colder from the wind blowing water up onto us, but really it wasn’t that bad. I tried surfing some of the waves in my kayak but then after a moment decided I didn’t want to have to paddle all the way back against the wind. We ended our adventure about a half an hour later and again packed up the boats.

Later that night we went out to The Blarney Stone with some friends where I ate approximately 1 million 15 cent wings. They were so tasty except for TEX-MEX flavored ones. They needed less TEX and more MEX.

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