Jeff Milner Movie Review: Dodgeball: A TRUE underdog story

Watching actors take rubber balls, wrenches, and other miscellaneous objects in the face can make for a very entertaining evening. Dodgeball (Apple Trailer | Rotten Tomatoes) opened last Friday and Anna-Maria, her brother Josh, and I took in the comedy at the newly remodeled Galaxy Theatres here in Lethbridge.

Dodgeball does aim low, but it certainly hit the mark with me. There is something about its unapologetically rooting for the über-nerds that make Dodgeball the feel-good, if lowbrow, movie of the year. I should mention that I found Ben Stiller’s performance a little much – ok a lot much at times. His sexual obsession with food crosses the line. Nevertheless the writers are aware that it’s not that great of a movie, but periodically they take advantage of that fact. If you found the advertisement amusing, and like seeing grown-ups repeatedly take real shots to the head from big red rubber balls then I’m thinking you’re probably going to like Dodgeball. I loved it.

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