Canadian Idol

Tonight is the last episode of this season’s Canadian Idol. The favorite to win is named Kalan Porter and happens to be from my hometown of Medicine Hat. My mom was his kindergarten teacher and has been known to try and take credit as one of the first people in his life to teach him how to sing. Good work Mom – how come I’m not famous? She has been really getting into the show even calling in multiple votes for Kalan. My new roommate also from Medicine Hat says that the city has Canadian Idol fever and that on the nights of the show the phone lines are all blocked up because everyone in town is voting. He adds dryly, “I hope nobody has an emergency on Wednesday nights because they’re not getting a dial-tone.”

Seeing as tonight is the night we’ll be finding out the results from yesterday’s final vote, CTV is holding a party at The Arena in Medicine Hat where the hometown crowd will be watching via the big screen as well they will be broadcasted across the country going nuts when Kalan wins. You can bet that my Mom will be there along with 4000 other idol worshipping Hatters. I’ll be watching.

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Mom gave me the tickets. I went to the show and it was pretty fun. It was kind of boring up untill the last 15 minutes or so, but the closer it got to the final announcement the better it got.

You can see me in a few of the celebration shots, but barely. Becky got in a couple of really good shots and I had some kid on my shoulders and you can see him really well too.

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