So Busy – Anna’s Busy Too

In other news the TV show Everwood, that plays on the WB, was scouting for locations to shoot down in Utah. They were very interested in Anna-Maria’s parents new house. The director even came and talked with them, but in the end it was decided that the house was too big because the character they were going to have “live there” is a batchelor, and will probably live in something a little more modest.

They are going to keep the house in mind for other shows or whatever, but what’s really interesting, to me anyway, is that Anna’s mother asked what the chances of getting Anna in the show as an extra would be. They said to send in headshots because they are always looking for extras. I guess if they had wanted to use the house that would have given her a lot more leverage but there’s still a chance she could get on the show. I think that would be really cool.

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