Kalan Porter the Canadian Idol

Yesterday Anna-Maria, my mom and dad, and some of our friends went to the Stampede grounds to see Kalan Porter’s welcome home ceremony. We were really late getting there — apparently some people had slept out over night in anticipation of big crowds. We got there about 15 minutes before it ended. It was perfect timing, Kalan started to sing about 5 minutes after we got there. We heard his 5 songs and then went home. Anna-Maria and my dad both thought he was more feminine in person. I think he’s just the same… which I suppose isn’t saying much.

My mom was happy because one of the people introducing Kalan told one of my mom’s stories to the crowd. The story goes like this:

Recently a couple of girls in my mom’s kindergarten class asked her if it was true that she had taught Kalan Porter in kindergarten. My mom replied, “yes that’s true.” Then they asked, “Do you think Kalan Porter is good?” Without hesitation my mother stated, “Yes, I think he’s very good.” Then one of the little girls asked, “Who do you think is better, God or Kalan?”

Unfortunately for Kalan, my mom felt obligated to go with God.

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oh poor mill,
why oh why did you waste your time going to the Porter welcome home. you could have been eating turkey


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