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I noticed Google has a link to its new Google Desktop Search software on their page today. I’m strongly thinking about downloading this, but before I do I’m wondering if it’s really worth it. I realize Google is very good about having uninstalls and whatnot but nevertheless I’m hoping someone that has tried it will write a comment here and say whether or not they like it.

Update: I’ve installed Google Desktop and I LOVE it. I don’t know how I found anything on my computer without it. Actually most of the time I had a hard time finding stuff…

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I've used it. I think it's great. Once I tried looking fro someone's email address in Outlook and couldn't find it. I went to search Google to see if I could find them listed on a website somewhere. Not only did Google pull up a website with this person's name, but it also pulled up an email I had sent him a week before.

Very cool.

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